Always there

I’ve always walked through graveyards,

been lost in the darkness alone.

But I realize now, with a smile of regret,

that’s a lie, I’m never alone,

not with you here beside me.

Drowning in blood,

lost in tears,

still you’re there, wings surrounding us both.

When the dark claims me,

I’m fighting for air,

you pull me to safety,

but I can never feel your hand.

I’ve always walked alone,

pushing everyone else away.

I’m sorry for hurting you before,

trying to block you out,

I hope you know I never meant it.

I thought they were my angels,

but they were fake,

and still, you’re already here.

I walk at night, free like the breeze,

the wind whispers without a sound,

and leaves dance across the ground.

I watch from my graveyard home,

wings at my sides,

and I listen to the sounds,

the calming music.

Feel a hand holding mine,

and I know it’s you.

Squeeze it gently,

as a lone tear falls,

for I realize now,

you were there the whole time.

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