First Love


I've always walked alone,
with no one to guide me.

But somehow, your hand found mine,
and we walked together.

Now a cruel and twisted path
has made me turn it's way.

I can't bear to see you cry
as I let go of your hand,
the only one my heart has come to know.

I've tried to hide myself,
so you wouldn't get hurt,
and yet no matter how hard you fought back,
you still watch me with pain in your eyes.

I'm sorry it turned out this way,
I'm sorry for hurting you.

I wish you could walk with me,
but I guess it's not a part of the plan.

So smile for me, so I can know that
you'll be okay.

Cry enough for me, let it all go,
but even when it's all said and done,
always know that I'll cherish
every smile, every memory, joke and tear.

I'll be happy if you are,
and I'll never stop loving you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this to someone I loved more than life...and always will.

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