Parts of me

Peel off another coat of paint,
stash the mask in a forgotten drawer.

Letting the rain fall,
bones creak from long overdue use.

Rusted and left behind in the dust,
falling apart at the seams.

Stitched together through hasty knots,
tape covering the war wounds.

Constant reminders of who I was,
hazy futures hide what may turn out to be.

The music drifts over me,
soothing my soul, nurturing a scarred heart.

Turned away from that dark room I once found refuge,
wander farther through the maze.

Shadows taunt my vision,
darting in and out of sight,
laughing soundlessly.

Trying to find my way without a light,
my candle's gone out and the dark overwhelms me.

Pushing onward, through the rain and cold,
break through the barriers into the world beyond.

Holding my breath from all the beauty before me,
my eyes are blinded by the sun.

Broken and bloodied wings that once flew start to heal,
lifting from their defeated cages to spread.

Feel the warmth upon my face,
take off at a run, let my wings catch the breeze,
I'm finally free.

Author's Notes/Comments:'s the time to say something profound...nothing comes to mind!

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