Flame wing

Unrequited Love

Tried to light that flame,
with my last dying match.

Tried to warm your heart,
but you turned from me,
back into the cold.

A light aloft in darkness,
falters at the touch of day.

I once soared on wings of fire,
now they turn to ash,
as another tear falls.

Couldn't help you,
walked alone into the night.

Too late I see,
that love has gone,
if ever there at all.

My fire has gone out,
cold, shaking in my bones.

Empty without love,
without life.

I give up at last,
throw away the key.

My heart is locked forever,
no one will ever let it free.

Succumb to the dark,
lost and alone,
turn from your empty words.

Promises you never kept,
masks you always hide behind,
why do I still try?

New lease on love,
another try, foolish.

My heart will never sing,
my fire will never burn,
lock on the door, I'll never return.

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