He says


He says he loves me,
and my heart beats again.

He says he's there,
and I feel a little safer
with him by my side.

He says I make him strong,
that he can do anything,
and I'm proud of him.

He says he hasn't cried,
years of holding back tears,
and I hurt for him.

He says he's always wandered alone,
and I want to be with him,
I can't pull myself away.

He says he needs me,
and I cry, knowing I'll never leave.

He says I make him happy,
feel what he's never felt before,
and all my doubts disappear.

He says he's  no angel,
but he's wrong, he's my beautiful seraphim.

He says he wants me forever,
that one day I'll be his wife,
and all the past seems worth it.

He says he'll never let me fall,
that he'll always catch me,
and I know I'll never drown.

He says he's mine forever,
that I'm the love of his life,
and my heart sings.

He says he'll always be here,
and I feel him nearby,
awake or asleep, always watching over me.

Lying alone, staring at his picture,
wanting to cry, to hear his voice.

Tenderly his arms embrace me,
and his lips touch my hair,
quietly he whispers,
"I love you, my darling."

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