When you’re sleeping

I see you lying there,
so peaceful, I’m afraid to breathe,
don’t want to disturb you.

A soft smile on your lips,
beautiful eyes closed to the world,
hair falling across your face.

Such beauty I see,
when you don’t know I’m looking.

Wonder what you’re dreaming,
as you sleep so sweetly.

Want to lay beside you,
to feel your soft skin,
to be a part of your dream.

When you’re sleeping,
I watch you quietly,
wondering why, questioning you,
wanting to love you.

I watch you,
hoping you don’t know I’m looking.

Such beauty, rare,
one I won’t find again.

I pray you won’t wake,
that none of my emotions,
my love for you shows on my face.

When you’re sleeping,
you’re no longer hurting.

Your beautiful heart is free,
not guarded, as it always is.

When you’re sleeping,
no more tears claim you,
the ones you fight so hard.

When you’re sleeping,
you’re the person I know,
to person you try to hide.

You’ll never know,
as I turn to walk away,
but I fall for you all over again,
when you’re sleeping.

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