Unrequited Love

Friends for years,
that was us.

Always gave you advice,
a laugh when you needed to smile.

Realized I loved you,
heard you say the same.

Was it true?

A day with you,
happiness, finally yours.

Moved in, grew closer,
who knew it'd lead us to now, to a daughter?

You loved her,
I let you go.

On the outside I hated you,
on the inside I was dying.

I wasn't enough, she was,
but I couldn't forget.

Lost touch with you,
grew apart, still couldn't close my heart.

Held onto you for too long,
finally let go of the pain,
I can smile when I remember now.

Years ago I watched you leave,
yet I still loved you,
every memory vibrant with color.

Back in my life,
unsure of what I feel,
thought I was over this.

Trying to stop thinking of you,
when you never think of me.

Try to talk to you,
frustration, start to walk away,
you always catch me before I do.

Do you want me to stay or go,
love you or leave you,
all you want is friendship,
but I can't help wishing for more.

Am I wasting my time,
running after you,
only to hit a brick wall.

Tell me which way to go,
the road that leads to you,
or the one that leads away.

Don't want to travel alone,
but you won't go with me.

Always hanging on when I should let go,
the hopeless romantic playing the fool,
forever lost in loving you.

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