Questions, riddles in my head,
unanswered, lost.


Trying not to think of you,
try to talk to you.

Why do I bother?

What am I doing,
even trying to find something that isn't there.


new and old,

For you?

Why can't I push this aside,
choose friendship over illusions.

Nervous around you,
why do I feel this way??

Thought I was over you,
just friends, brother and sister,
am I lying to myself?

Don't know how to voice my thoughts,
letting them remain in my mind.

I see nothing in your eyes,
that seems to align with mine.

So different, yet still the same,
always mischief in those eyes.

Put your hand on my shoulder,
squeezing gently,
trying to ignore it,
not sure how to react.

Can feel your gaze,
avoiding, hiding, faking smiles.

Afraid you'll see the confusion,
the remains of love,
supposedly lost, regained?

Seeing your smile,
trying to return it,
it still hurts to see.

The memories don't torture me anymore,
that shadow of love is gone,
so what is it I feel?

Why am I letting this get to me,
no, I need to stop thinking about this.

Won't be a fool for love again,
not if you feel nothing this time.

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