An angel's lament

Fallen from grace,
the angel sings a mournful tune,
but no one hears in the shadows.

Wandering the world,
going where the breeze takes her,
she only wants to rest.

Laying her weary head down,
the tears fall, the heavens weep,
mourning their seraphic princess.

An angel pure as light,
lost her way,
trapped in darkness she waits.

For absolution or forgiveness,
she isn't sure which,
she only wants to be free.

To find someone who won't make her cry,
who'll gently pull her to safety,
help her find a haven where she can rest.

Love again denied,
when will she smile again,
when will she stop hurting.

Curled up in shadows,
battered wings shielding her,
still she shivers from the cold.

Her broken heart shatters,
but she won't give in to the tears,
listening to the night whispers,
she waits for sunrise.

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