Scarlet Sacrifice


Tears of anguish,

unheard cries of pain,

blood welling from the deep wound,

unseen, join the ranks of the undead.

A life spent blind,

running from the dark and light,

hiding from love.

Lost and unconscious,

he found me here.

Eyes burn from tears,

the many suicide attempts.

Horrors locked deep,

unspoken blame,

written across silky skin.

Shadows fall on me,

as he picks me up,

carries me through the mist.

I’d given up on life, on love,

accepted the emptiness inside.

A sweet kiss, upon my brow,

and fresh tears begin to fall.

Wanting my misery to end,

wanting to be free.

I tried to let it all go,

to let the darkness wash over me.

My scarlet sacrifice failed,

found by the Angel of Pain,

he pulled me back from the brink of death,

saved me once again from myself.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/T: I wrote this before I realized who my angel really was, now I know. Thank you.

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