Day by day


Each day I wake,

feeling a little more empty inside.

Waking without you,

lying alone tears my heart to shreds.

I swallow all the pain,

pushing away all memories,

blocking out the thoughts of you.

Wanting to be in your arms,

feel that sweet bliss once again.

See your smile when I close my eyes,

I can almost hear you whisper you love me.

Can almost feel your touch,

gentle and loving, different from anyone else.

Small thing I once seemed special with you,

so wrong now without you.

Can almost feel you in my arms,

see that wolfish grin, such sweetness.

You've held me at my worst,

carried me when I fell,

you've never left my side.

Your love is like none I've ever known,

being with you is different,

stronger than anything I've felt before.

How long will I have to wait,

to fall asleep in your arms?

How many tears will I have to cry,

before you're there to wipe them away?

How long am I pretend I'm okay,

before my strength gives out?

When running is all I'd ever known,

it took leaving you to make me see,

no one will ever have my heart the way you do,

I'll never love anyone as much as you.

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