The only one

Unrequited Love

So tired of walking down this same road,
is it too much to ask that you meet me halfway?

Tired of being the only one who cares,
of always trying to get inside your head.

Tired of being the only one who's still here,
when every one else has gone,
of being the only one still waiting.

Tired of being taken for granted,
of crying and feeling alone,
when you're right next to me.

Tired of being the only one trying to make us work,
of wondering why you're not helping me carry the weight.

Tired of being the only one who's left inthe dark,
listening to the dial tone,
heart sinking in my chest.

I'm not like all those other girls,
the ones that play games and expect too much,
all I ask is a little consideration.

Tired of being the only one who's left holding a handful of broken promises,
discarded like stray kisses on the breeze.

Always the one left holding on
to what's long since gone.

Always the only one who keeps her word,
with no one to believe in but me.

The only one with both feet on the floor,
yet your hand is on the door.

Either you're all in or you're out baby,
make up your mind,
I won't stand in line anymore.

Not gonna be the only one,
when you look for me,
you won't find me there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This idea came from a conversation me and my friend Sally were having and I decided to word it into a poem :)

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