My Seraphim


Poison tears, they fall like rain,

bitterness on my tongue,

words I fight to contain.

My angel, my beautiful lost soul,

I taste your tears,

ones you swear will never fall again.

Beauty I can't explain,

emotions I'll understand,

questions that forever remain unanswered.

Why have you stayed by my side,

after all the pain, the anger and problems,

do you really believe we're worth it all?

Marriage a cage,

freedom I'll never truly know,

wandering from one place to another,

floating on the breeze as time passes.

Wish I could stay,

feel your arms again,

but all I know is the open road.

No matter where I go,

no place will ever be home.

Your love is a mystery,

my guardian, wolf spirit,

why do you hide?

We've shared pain and tears,

you've let me see you,

only to pull away.

Trying to fly on broken wings,

my heart mourns for you,

my sweet seraphim.

Another angel, fallen from grace,

trying to find his way,

I cry for you, these hidden tears of pearls.

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