Back to life


Take away the tears,

the scars from my old life.

Take my hand, when I'm lost,

and I know I'm safe with you.

Take the cobwebs of my old dreams,

the lingering tears, the forgotten promises.

When I want to stop trying,

convince me you believe in me.

When I try to be free,

when doubts threaten to claim me.

Hold me in your arms,

kiss me sweetly, and never let go.

When I want to give up,

give me a reason to keep going,

stay beside me all the way.

When I dream of forever,

tell me it can happen,

that one day we'll have it all.

When it's easier to run,

convince me to stay,

to fight for us.

When I start to wonder,

why you chose me,

whisper in my ear, softly,

that you love me.

When I feel like I've been dead for so long,

stop the bleeding,

kiss my crimson tears,

and bring me back to life.

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