A ball of pain, anger, dissappointment

Is me lying, trembling, on my bed

And I sigh, I whimper, i groan

I'm regretting words, goodbyes, left unsaid

A daughter, forgotten, forsaken, non-exhistant

Is me trying to make myself drop dead

And I'm happy, oh now I'm pissed

I'm an angry bitch who lost her addictive meds

A fighter, gritted teeth and eyes closed

Is me trying not to forget, lose my head

And I no longer wanna feel this horrid pain

I'm crying, evoking from veins a crimson red

A lover, passionate, jealous, compulsive

Is me bearing a heart that's easy to shred

And a kiss from me can be worse than a curse

I'm just trying to keep all my desires fed

A mess, shattered, torn, destroyed

Is me little more or less than depressed

And I don't think that I'm worth shit

I'm soon gonna find who's my real friend

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