Note to You

I don't know how things got so far

I don't know what I'm doing here

But everytime that I would fall

They were always there

They were hidden away

Safe in our little world

Our little world where we

All of us, could play

But now

The others, they broke into this world

The others know all about it

And they took my world away

I'm afraid to face them

I'm afraid my friends will fade

'Cause no one


Understands how these friends

Are so special

My friends were the first

First to know

That secret I kept for so many years

It's not your place to pass judgement

And they

They kept me alive

When I thought how much better off

I'd be ded

To me it's just a game


All the things we do

But to you it's not

No, it can never be that simple

Nothings ever that simple to anyone

But just realize

These people kept me alove

When I waned to be dead

To be through

A note to you

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