Taint a Child

Afraid of all the shadows

His hands play over her eyes

And hoping he'll break, he'll fall

Beneath the truth she speaks, and he denies

Her screams were oh, so empty

And her tears could fill the sky

How much of the evil life breeds

Does it take to taint a child?

Her skins so pale, so cold

Her breath the only sign she's alive

And what else can you do for a girl

Who wants to forget how to cry?

She remembers three words he whispered

Knows they were little more than lies

Remembers his sweat skin, breath, and her fear

As he clutched her, she wished she'd just die

He's so wrong, but he's so strong

If only she new how to defy

And as she visits night after night

She finds another world for her mind to occupy

So young, so dumb, she's sick of hearing "I'm sorry"

She knows a little too much about the pain inside

There's just so much that they all sensed

And a truth that it was way to late to find

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