Dark Angel

She has...

A heart

Cold as ice

Hard as stone

Hear it beating

From deep within

She has eyes...

Dark as night

Piercing stare

And they have never

Dropped any tears

She has blood...

Thick as mud

Pure and silver

Forever pouring

From her wounds

And she has wings...

black and white

Carry her high

To take her away

From it all

Her guardian angel left her all alone

So she was forced to grow wings of her own

Left by herself in a world that's so cold

She has no name, for she's the dark angel...

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cutetreena_1064's picture

I wish I had wings to take me away from it all... I love this poem... I'm sure I'll be back to read more... Much Love and keep writing


mystik134's picture

I like this one. I love this kind of poems..with few words...it gives a deep feeling to it for some reason...well good job, keep writing!

Jack G.'s picture

Hey, not bad, not bad at all, me likes very much, it all sounds very nicely put together