What Happened?

What happened to the days

When I would pick out something

Something to my little heart's desire

And I'd look to the tall woman next to me

Aking, Mommy can I have it please?

Never a care in the worl, never

Never caring what would become of me

Now I lay here on my bed

Playing loud music with my head ringing

Trying, to no avail

Trying to get that old feeling back

I try to understand this life

I just want to smile on the inside

Just the way that I used to

What happened to the way I felt

When we would drive along, alone

All the sngs we listened to

That inner peace I felt inside

How happy I was for stupid htings

But today I'm just happy

Happy if only I make a day through the pain

How I hate him

How I hate me

How I hate the way thing could

Maybe should be

And the way things were

Was no good

But back then

Unlike today

My heart

It didn't feel so strained

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