Girl's Story

A lost little girl

Stands on the corner and cries

The pain of her story

Reflected in her eyes

She just wants it to go away

Afraid of tomorrow

Can't go on living another day

Her own room isn't safe

And under all the pressure she breaks

Always creeping thought the house

Her skin his touch can taint

A gentle hand leads her home

Though she begs and she pleads

Why must she suffer?

The little girl cries out deperately

A gentle voice tells her

Little girl why do you cry so?

It isn't as hard as you think

Thinks will get better I know

And nearly a year later

She escaped that dark place

But she needs time to heal

She needs her own space

And she cries when she remembers

All those nights spent begging on her knees

Just make it go away

Just go away please...

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