Lot in me

Can you feel my words
When we talk
Can you feel my pain
When you read my poems
Perhaps you are the same 
life is to change
So it though" remains
Uncertain yet magical
Mystical yet insane
The sea meets the sky
Thoughts crossing million miles
Heart tries to smile
The face' cheats and gives away'
Life is to change
So it though"remains
Lust on a roller coaster
Love on a hibernation
Perhaps life is to change
For now its the same
Every moment to madness
I seek of "me"
I cannot agree
I dont have anymore of "me"
There should be a lot in me
I know me i feel me
Yet theres nothing in me
Life is to change
But for now its the same
Happiness on a platter
I have stopped dreaming
It has taken its toll on me
I find myself where i started
Learning listening leaving
Life is to change
But for now its the same...

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#random #silence #love #music #exploring 

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