Chapter 3 - Summer 2013

2 am. At camp. Tom nonchalantly came out to his roommates, one of which recently came out himself. It felt....not as good as people say it is. Maybe because he only confided in three other people. The response was amazing. Outside of the 2am talks no one really talked about it, and no one asked questions. Tom was gay. Did it make a difference. No. His roommates accepted him and that was that. Tom was Tom.


  They had been playing a sort of a truth or dare kind of a game however they had soon realized no one was going to pick dare. Then they just wanted to no everyones answer.


Truth: who is your biggest crush at camp?


Max: Kourtney McJergen


Jordan: Peter Ferrun


Kyle: Mikayla Baxter


Tom: at this camp?


Max: Yea


Tom: well that's hard, there aren't that many boys at camp.


Kyle: wait what?


Max: Oh your gay?


Kyle: Gay?


Jordan: Well yea guys he's gay. He just came out.


Tom: Well duh, of course I'm gay. I thought it was obvious. And I think that's stupid. Coming out. It's idiotic.


Max: woah, Tom be quieter. Your going to wake up the counselors.


And then they returned to truth or dare.


Most embarresing moment.

Celebrity crush


Tom felt, trapped but he didn't know.


    After camp Tom got mad. He wasn't ready for the world. Camp is a peatree dish. Tom was out because of camp to maybe 30 people. 30 people he maybe saw 4 or 5 times a year. His school friends and parents were still in the dark: to a shade. His mom had been reading books about parents of gay kids.

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