I've never known a peaceful protest,
to make a difference.
(Its an oxymoron, to me)
In fact, if only you had seen,
what I have seen.
Its just another arm of government...
...that doesn't even know its an
They offer something to them.
A salve, a gift, appearing to relinquish..
Oh, you fools.
Its a trick. Every time. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
You think you understand these words.
But you don't.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Read animal farm.


If you stood next to your brothers,

And sisters.


Arm in arm.

Peacefully and quietly.


You would be arrested.


It's a crime.


Why are you here?


What are you doing?..


...These are dark times, indeed.



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Policy Changes

Are inevitable. Everyone is watched or monitored. Change comes very slowly these days, protesters or not. - slc