The Ugly Siren.

The ugly siren.

Be gone! ye ugly wench from Aldi land!
Poisoner of children, co workers and
Tis’ the fate of all men, who drink to
To end in up in thy foul urine smelling
Beware! Beware! 
The scratching inside yonder mans
Is the vile sound of thy awful voice.
Like a thousand toilets flushing at
The scratching of nails on a
Is sweet music compared to,
Yay bullshit conversation.
Begone and take thy hideous
entourage with you.
Dam you drink! Dam you!
‘Twas, you who got me into this,
And no ale can wash away,
The memory of the awful face of that
hideous puke-lette.
Tis a walking she devil,
Of inner ugliness and
Poopascoopness. ( Is that a word...
for you, yes. Madam
Poopascoopness. Lol) 
I've included a beautiful pic of you,
 smiling. lol
Author's Notes/Comments:


My mock drunk Shakespeare take,

on telling an old brass to bug off. Lol


A large glass of absinthe and a few minutes watching 

Upstart crow. :)

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"Ale does more than Milton can

to justify God's ways to man." 

A.E. Housman