ol’ red hunting hat.

Standing on the side of a snow covered mountain.

First light on my tent.

I stretch half naked in the snow.
Enjoying a view,
most are to frightened to even attempt.
I’m handed morning coffee.
With the brisk ice cold wind,
Whirling around me.
Its invigorating.
But also special,
to finally share such a truly beautiful view.
She tells me, its breathtaking.
I laugh and say, yes and you arn’t bad either.
Looking at her wrapped in two t shirts, a jumper,
down jacket and a
She looks back at me.
I’m dressed in nothin’ but black boxers,
Unlaced boots without socks,
And my ol’ red hunting hat.
I’ve not shaved for a week.
I must look pretty wild. 
Lets run up to the summit! she says.
Looking back at her wild man,
and lover.
Her hair blowing left and right,
In the morning snow fall,
her face smiling...
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