Chinese Lantern.

I was fifteen  or sixteen. 

Sleeping by a field, near a forest.
Stars overhead.
I saw a glow in the sky.
A little light.
I stood up,
and followed it for miles.
It passed over trees, down roads,
Through fields.
Probably a couple of hours later,
It came down quite quick.
It took me another hour to find.
..The remains of a Chinese lantern.
Wrapped up, in the burnt remnants,
Was a little note.
It said, 
I am sad. I am alone. 
I considered my next action, carefully..
Each year.
I travel high, 
with a Chinese lantern.
(There easy to make.)
A tall building, a mountain, a cliff..
I send it off, at night with my own message.
You are loved.
I include five pounds.
The message will never arrive.
But a request for help, should not be ignored.
Some years, i forget.
some years, I send two.
Sometimes, I make the lanterns with children,
and we send messages to make people laugh and smile.
We lit a hundred lanterns,
watching them fly of into the night.
It looked pretty cool.
If you look up, you might even see one. :)
Don’t be sad, you are never alone.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I think of that small lantern, 

I saw in the sky.


It reminds me of the little lights,

people place in the Ganges in india,

at night.


The lights represent their soul.


Much like a lost lantern travelling,

or maybe a poem wrote from the soul?


Never to reach its mews.


I always though Zoroastrianism,

an interesting religion.


Good thoughts.

Good words.

Good deeds.


Well, I try.


Something to aspire to, huh? :)

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