card games.

Some people cheat at games.


It shows their character,

in how they cheat.


Roll the dice, to get the numbers you want.


A card up a sleeve.


A bluff.


Even kicking the board up in the air,

rather than lose.


I say, I don’t cheat at games.


i love the feeling of winning straight.


But sometimes. rarely, I do.

I cheated recently.


Playing a game of monopoly,

I played banker.


I gave a kid, extra monopoly money,

When handing back cash,

because everyone else was cheating.

They kept calling the poor kid stupid.

He couldn’t work out he was the only one playing fair.


So I moved a couple of pieces.


no one noticed, except the kid.


Kid said afterwards,

you helped me win... It don’t feel like winning.


I said, I know. Its not winning.

Just enjoy that all the cheaters didn’t win either,

cheaters shouldn’t win.


It stopped them calling you names though,

Huh Mr Monopoly champion?


Anyway fancy a game of snap? I promise to try to win.


Kid played for about an hour,

We played fair.


Kid laughed and went back happy.

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