..Every childhood,
Has a big old tree in it,
You saw and wanted to climb.


Ever slept on a rooftop? If you haven’t,
You probably want to.


Did you know,

There are some versions of the bible.
That don’t have hell in there.
The American versions of the bible,
Have different things written,
To the English version.
There are different versions of Genisis.
And that’s a pretty simply concept.
For instance, 
I never learned the word firmament from the bible.
Wasn’t in the versions I read.
The Bible, means simply the Books.
I always found the books left out,
The most interesting.
I’ve not found religion as I’ve grown up.
My Nan did, I always thought that was kinda funny.
I just gave some thought to translation.
Even if you have a fair grasp of Spanish, French or Italian.
The menu in an ethnic restaurant can still be slightly confusing.
If I translate a few pages of a foreign book,
I read other translations of the same pages,
And there different. Often, they have different meanings.
Spanish translations often have whole paragraphs,
Changed completely, to be readable fluidly in English.
So the Bible. It would be curious to know what Jesus really said.
How many different agendas changed his words and actions,
over the years?..
In those, hard times.
I find it hard to imagine you could survive there,
Without being violent on occasion.
I often thought the first ever episode of Star Trek was interesting.
Random thoughts.
Things you think about, when you wake up, late at night.
Think I need a holiday.
I’m considering going skiing.
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1st StarTrek Was Menagerie (Two Parts)

Spock and Captain Pike. Good stuff. I did not know Bible meant "The Books" - cool. I can still learn at 68. Religion is about faith, not martyrs, prophets, and god-heads. Any truely religious person will tell you it is about the journey. :) slc



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i saw the pilot to star trek, years ago.

there was a quote.

“Perhaps they made me out of dreams, that you’ve forgotten?”.

i don’t think it was in the two part, rehash.

I remember that,

guess I must have a touch of autism.

I just liked the quote. :)

Regarding religion.

Any person I ever asked this question to,

Answered the same:

If you were beamed up by aliens.

and they were kind to you, friendly and gentle.

Would you suggest they land on earth and say hi to humanity?

I never met anyone who said, yes.

I appreciate the idea of Jesus.

But religious texts, conflict in almost every way.

As for the god head,

I’d say you must have enjoyed the isle of Wight,

like I did. David Ike.. :)

But your to far away, for that, I guess. lol

Maybe religion is a personal thing,

But, I don’t think I’d enjoy heaven.

You can’t enjoy the sweet, without the sour.

I’m happy right here. :)