..She was dying.

So we took a camper van,
And went away.
I smiled and laughed.
Though I didn’t feel that way.
I took that, choked up feeling,
The endless horror,
Of her not there.
The sunshine would be over,
That my life would stop there.
I looked in her face, 
Acted peaceful and true.
Nothing to worry about sweetheart.
.. I wouldn’t lie to you.
I distracted and talked,
Listened and laughed.
Her hand trembling.
I said it would pass..
I lied and faked and smiled,
And deceived.
I did anything,
To quell her fear and pain.
I believed.
She held my hand,
Squeezed it tight.
She said, your my friend.
Don’t go to pieces,
All right?
I said it’s ok, darling.
I’ll be ok.
I did my best lie,
as my friend passed away.


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I Talk To My Daughter

I don't know if that's healthy, but I often wonder, What would you do? I'm not doin' that! And I laugh. Who wants to let go? slc



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felt this

It's not easy to be on the living side as our friends pass on to the other side. 

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