In far of seas, they say are Dragons.

A tall ship, with the devil for a first mate.
We’ll find our gold.
My torn old sea coat,
With a thousand hidden pockets..
I’ve a florin somewhere, for your thoughts.
I’ve a trick for chasing cares away,
Throw me a smile, I’ll show you.
I stole a sail, but we have to leave harbour,
By morning.
A pretty figure heads missing her tails,
And they’ll notice by dawn.
You’ve coined me, for safe passage,
I’ll not desert or forsake,
I swear on the black, 
In my soul.
Just keep behind me,
I’ll stand my ground.
Don’t forget your map.
I can swing a cutlass,
And drink like a fish.
But even old pirates like me,
Get lost sometimes.
Can you feel that?
..The hairs on the back of your arms, raising up.
The air smelling of far of sea’s,
And you just can’t sit down.
Your about to have..I think its called, an adventure!


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Maps are in your heart.

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We lead dragons...

As new captain

We will stear our ship

Toward the scents

from heaven



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