We’d drive the roads,

as the stars came into sight.
Listening to the Beatles, The Clash,
Night, after night.


You’d ask me questions,
I’d answer my best. 

You’d sing songs.

The words new and fresh.


London calling, we’d sing real loud.

As they howled and howled,
We’d start to howl...

HOwl, howwl, hOWWl, HOWL!!

A Papa, and his daughter,
Laughing and Howlin’ loud.

When I get older.. hope your around.

We howled together for seven years,
I never forgot, it seems neither did you.
You never howled, alone.
We both howled cos we could.
Driving ‘cross england.
Wild, and free.
Singing when I get older, I fought the law,
me dad was a bank robber,
London calling... 
We never needed a
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Against The Darkness

Howling may be a great psychological balm. To sing, to remember and voice notes created to distract and entertain, soothe and heal, educate and cause emotions - Howwwwwwling rocks! slc



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Howlin' for a friend is the

Howlin' for a friend is the best kind of howlin'.  Howlin' to Mr Strummer just seems like the right thing to do.