The notebook.

I give gifts, of notebooks.

Some cheep, some rare.

Some lined, some plain,

some with images of sky’s and goddesses,

embossed on the pages.


Some times I’m asked,

why not a book?


I say, a book is a very personal gift.

To know someone well enough to give them,

a book they would love,

would be to know them very well.



Oh, I give books too.

Encountering an obscure book on a subject,

I know someone loves. Is an easy gift option.


But I prefer notebooks.


People say, what should I write?


Well, write the things you want to do,

the things you want to have,

write the life you want.


Then make it happen.




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A spiral notebook is a great

A spiral notebook is a great gift--whether blank or filled in.  I like this poem