Alex Jones.

Well you say, their coming for our minds.


I think I’ve got to say,

most of what you talk about is talking to the hay.


But you had the right to voice,

the right to say your view.


If they take that voice away,

says more bout them than you.


I don’t think that we’re aliens,

I don’t think the earths not round.

I don’t think they have a plan,

other than to make other people blue.


There wicked, mean, selfish, false.

Thats pretty clear to see.

Doing wicked things in private,

where others never see.


So facebook, YouTube, everyone.

Says don’t listen to him speak.


You finally got my attention.


Let the man, speak.

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I am in favor of allowing

I am in favor of allowing people to speak freely.  I do think some of the problem with Alex Jones was that a lot of what he was spreading was just spouting opinion; it was presenting falsehoods as truth.  I'm not comfortable with censoring him but I also see a huge problem with all the fake news being put out by people like him.

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Yes, I dislike fake news, too.


But until, they are held accountable for their lies, it will continue.


Its legal to lie,

Its illegal to tell the truth.


I see this time and again.


I wish we had the right to free speech.



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Real news...

California and Oregon are ON FIRE. I think Washington might be too. Real news, we need some troops and tools to stop the inferno. 


I use to hear a lot of Alex Jones. Found him to be as devisive and opinionated as Fox News. 

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Fox News?

Even in England, we have heard how mixed up and biased your news channels are.


Did you know, I read that the uk trusts their news outlets, papers, tv,

LESS than any other European country?


Our news in SO fake.


Alex Jones,  is crazy town.

But, today they put their hand over his mouth,

tomorrow, they’ll do it to everyone else.


You guys have got fire? Oh dear..

We’ve got rain today.



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First Amendment?

-----  Stephen