So, one guy stands up.

Gets torn to shreds in the corrupt English court system. 

Try’s to let people know, your being lied to.


Doesn’t change anything, doesn’t alter anything.

Lets you decide what to think about the facts,



Journalism at its best.


They call him a traitor.


Like seriously? Have you seen the bbc‘s version of news?

Its horseshit.


Seen the t.v? 


The newspapers owned by Murdock.

The Ads owned by the people who need to give you a different brand of the truth.


You tell someone the truth,

they yell, shout & say it doesn’t matter as they put their fingers in their ears.


The truth Matters.


Its illegal to say the truth, its fine to lie.

Straight up.


The truth is a beautiful thing, made ugly.

But its real.


The truth heals, it gives us back our innocence,

fixes problems, Gives you strength.


Truths a dangourous thing.


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