“ I would crawl on my belly,

through hot coals and broken glass.”


That’s love, huh?..Adams family quote.


Big fan of spike.

Can’t stand Angel.


Buffy, was a show boat.

Faith, was a good laugh.



Best quote,

Did you see us fight?




Spontaneous, is life.

Planning, thats for funerals.


Could never stand, friends, eastenders, Coronation street.

Hell, I threw the tv out years ago.



Someone I used to know.. who knew me well.


Looked at me.

They said even now,

you’d still try to fix everything, wouldn’t you?

Don’t you see she’s evil?


I never said a word.

I can give people, faith.


Women who have worthless men,

In their life, Hate men like me.

I remind them of what they'll never have.


Treat a lady, like a lady.

Treat a cow, like a cow.


Much like a good student,

Is hated by the stupid.


They are all pretty "upidstay." to me.


She had the right to choose.. But thats not the reason.


I was told to save one child or anougher.

You become someone like that,

thats the most disgusting thing on earth.

Sophies choice?


I wouldn’t want someone like that,

anywhere like that near me.


When my disgust of you,

is stronger than my hate.


You must be a wretched creature, indeed.



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Use Poetry

as art - nice evoluation of work. I miss the poems too though. This one rocks! But I keep my tv. I'm old and it's an outlet to the news of the world. Contemporary tv is mostly boring and written by the relatives of directors and producers or worse by producers and directors. If the internet goes down, I'm a candidate for planning that funeral. Ha! :D Happy New Year to you and to all you love.



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hi Stella. Happy new

hi Stella. Happy new year!


Thanks for the comment.


I’ve just brought a tv.

I’ll probably open the box within about 6 months. Lol!


I just hate the idea of being stuck indoors,

watching tv each night.


But I do like a good book.

Snuggling up in a warm bed,

reading a good book hearing the rain falling outside. Well, it is England. :)

Much more my cup of tea.


Thanks again!


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Im crying. Where has all your

Im crying. Where has all your amazing work gone? :/ yeah i agree with most things in this piece.  

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Hey there!

Hey there!

I’m using the content of some of my poems for alternative art,

so I removed them temporarily.


Art changes over time, and so do we.


Happy new year!


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"spontaneous is life.

"spontaneous is life. Planning, that's for funerals" Love that!

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Thank you!!

Thank you!!