Just when I thought it was over.

Just when my last hope was gone.

I went and did it again.

Something I did many times.

So many times that I thought it was less special.

This time it was so special.

An answer to a prayer, a sign of hope.

Please do not take the hope away.

Even when I fear God answers it.

I have done it again.

For that I will continue to go forth.

I have faith for it.

Faith in all he has said.

I have asked, and He answers.

For all this I have patience.

My fears rise but God takes them away.

I have done it again.

He has answered me again.

I thank Him for it.

I have done it again.

I wait.

One day my dreams will come true.

I have dreamed of you again.

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Omni Winkle's picture

Wow this is one great piece of writing, make more :p

Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

But sometimes that's just what they are: only dreams, especially when you can't have someone you want. To be tantalized the **** out of. Dreams can be so great, but waking up from them can make it worse because you know what you're missing now. This piece made me helpless, but still the same, great write.