Today was a good day. A great day.

You made today great.

The smile on my face. The skip in my step

The joy in my heart. All because of you

The darkness in my soul. My frozen black heart.

The tears in my eyes. All gone because of you.

How can I ever thank you?

What can I do? How can I show you how special you are?

No answer, except to always be there for you and be who you want me to be.

When did I see your beauty.

When did you become so special to me?

When did I know you were so special.

The day we met.

Lips as soft as down.

Soul as caring and loving as none of her.

Eyes as deep and as blue as the ocean.

All you.

Wonderful, Sweet, Caring, Loving, Beautiful, All you.

One I can do anything for.

One who I care deeply for.

One who understands.

One who cares.


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