You and I are voices sight-reading tomorrow.

We write out to all the listeners

and give them no reason to stay

but there are so many hands on me

I can’t sit still for a second

even to listen to what might become the world.


I sight read your lips over and over and I keep finding a different rhythm

every step that sings I belong here

is interrupted when the seconds unwind

and lay out a carpet to carry me from you.


I just want to be the person I’m too shy to be

after a day or a universe

I walk in your door and drop everything I am on the ground

I know you won’t care.


Sometimes I think when I am in love

I am buried so deep in sanity that I don't know what it is anymore

I couldn’t recognize it if it came and broke down my door

made these breezes breathe through my skin

cleaned me out of brain space

gave me the best orgasm I have ever had.


And so I stare it straight in the face,

look right on through.


I reach in for all the love I can give you

I twist it with your smile

I let it go but it is easy

because there is so much to hold on to.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/11/18

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