A sensuous siren calls me to her rocky shore. . . .


The first taste of the liqueur is like going home

Bubbles with soft whispers titillate my taste

She with seductive smell entices my nostrils

Her hope a prospect of delicious dissociation

The sweet tang of the first droplet of alcohol

Reminds me at the first instance of its effect . . . .


I didn’t get all I wanted but got all I could stand.


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I host and chair BACK TO

I host and chair BACK TO BASICS. 


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Continue to take personal

Continue to take personal inventory

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Addiction is a mofo (slang,

Addiction is a mofo (slang, because, well, you know why) when it harms you or someone else. I hope this is just a poetically poignant, and graphic statement of in-depth understanding, and not a current affair of discriptive reality.

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I have not relapsed in 27 years of AA.

This insight was collected by attending many AA meetings and hearing far too many stories of relapse.  Stephen

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Wow I could taste and smell

Wow I could taste and smell it.

We recoil as it it were a hot flame.

Cunning Baffeling Powerful


Great Work

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I as an Alcoholics must remember:

It lays in the shadows waiting.  That is why I have a daily reprieve contengent on maintaining my spiritual condition,  Stephen