Deprived of the electronic virtual reality of media,

Disconnected from the world in the early morning . . . .


Like an old lone wolf in the wilderness of winter

I am left in a solitary confinement of privation

In a private cosmos totally devoid of all sound

The quietness of the absolute stillness deafening

Alone with my thoughts in the depths of serendipity

Mistaking the tranquility of the moment for madness

When in a moment of clarity I see the light. . . .


Detached from the world before daybreak,

I experience a calmness of absolute serenity

Enveloping the entirety of my psyche.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thoughts in the early morning when a thunderstorm knocked out my internet, televisin and telephone.

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darkpool's picture

A moďern-day tech crisis. I

A moďern-day tech crisis. I hope you had a book of poetry on hand to ease the pain. I like your style!

Stephen's picture

Book on hand

I just went up into my mind and visited.  Stephen

Starward's picture

I am going to steal a phrase

I am going to steal a phrase from the poet Charles Olson, of whom I know next to nothing except he wrote, in a poem once, that he was the "Archaeologist of morning."  You, sir, the archaeologist of "moments," that is, those incidents in which so much insight springs forward over and beyond the mundane meaning of the time.  As you continue your archaeological efforts, so to speak, you bring to us moments you have experienced, thoroughly analysed, experienced as processes.  This requires both wisdom and courage.  And it is one of your signature styles, perhaps the centerpiece style, with its great variety, of your entire collection.


Stephen's picture

Thank you

Had the power outage happened at age 20 or even forty, this poem would not have been written.  At age 71, it came with the ease of the morning sun rising on a cloudless day. Thank you for the kind comment. Stephen

Starward's picture


You have acquired a wisdom far in advance of your number of years.  It anchors your poems, and allows your poems to anchor the readers' thoughts.


Teytonon's picture

You’ve addressed

A real issue in this world and have done it well in your own voice. I enjoyed it.

Stephen's picture

Thank you kind sir.