Deprived of the electronic virtual reality of media,

Disconnected from the world in the early morning . . . .


Like an old lone wolf in the wilderness of winter

I am left in a solitary confinement of privation

In a private cosmos totally devoid of all sound

The quietness of the absolute stillness deafening

Alone with my thoughts in the depths of serendipity

Mistaking the tranquility of the moment for madness

When in a moment of clarity I see the light. . . .


Detached from the world before daybreak,

I experience a calmness of absolute serenity

Enveloping the entirety of my psyche.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thoughts in the early morning when a thunderstorm knocked out my internet, televisin and telephone.

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roseblossoms's picture

Serenity although

Serenity although accidental!

Is much welcomed sometimes !