The randomness of it all, the sheer coincidence . . . .


When lovely events ensue in my life unsolicited,

When invited unto turmoil by screaming Sirens,

When on certain mellow days life stands still,

Thence in every circumstance I am persuaded,

Drawn to the perception that underlying it all

Some vague and anonymous transponder operates

Decoding the essence of some metaphysical plan . . . .


Happenstances like little feather fingers tickling time.



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Certain days can open a

Certain days can open a window and we can just catch a glimpse of what is on the other side, not enough to understand the view but to know that it is 


loved the poem :-) sue.

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They say things happen for a

They say things happen for a reason!

I don’t question them anymore 

Let destiny caress you with its feather 

Enjoy each day, turmoil is bound to happen 

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I like you interpretation of this poem.


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Probably too deep for you to understand.