Rehashing yesterday’s atrocities like beating a dead hose

Neither will undo the past nor of itself change the history of it

Though quiet introspection is the beginning of recreating me

Of seeing the illness within created by the depravity of others

Molding a serene new life from the hot ore of recycled rage.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the poem "verse verses verse" by Hopefulwoman.

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The past should be a lesson

The past should be a lesson learnt

only as a guide, never a hindrance 

but each individual is different 

and some events are traumatic

and linger  



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oooh.. recycled rage

I imagine that's like transmuting anger into passionate creativity. How do we heal the illness within?

Back to the breath for me I guess. That's what seems to help the best. 


Glad you were inspired by my work. :)

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