Though not motivated by evil intent,

I must be cautious of my slightest deed

And its latent corollary side effects,

Ironically creating a cosmic butterfly effect

Launching powerful ramifications

Causing havoc in the universe

With implications of empowerment

I becoming the great Oz of the cosmos

Creating our collective demise,

A whispered end of all creation.

Or simply hurting another human.


Any single change of direction,

That split-second decision

Tips the hourglass on its side

Time stopping, ceasing for a instant

Like an elevator between floors

The balance of my entire life

Inalienably altered forever

The silence of the moment deafening,

This momentous psychic rerouting,

Slices through the entire universe

My singular minute act burgeoning

Changing forever in a celestial second

Not only the course of my life

But the itinerary of the entire Cosmos.



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It's a tight rope

This reminds me of personal experience. The Universe appears to respond to each thought we put out into the dreamweave. We have suffered ramifications indeed. 

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why so serious? lol we do our

why so serious? lol

we do our best - especially when we're focused

but don't edit too much