Somewhere in the universe a dream is mislaid,

A misplaced future lost in the absence of forever,

Some poor fool’s vision of life now a nightmare.


Deep in the darkest space of nothingness it rests,

Another life stolen by the substance of obsession

Drawn headlong into the black hole of dependence,

A bipolar scurrying from ecstasy into dark misery

From star spangled fireworks to frigid darkness

A long traipse through the insipid lowlands of life

Like a chameleon forever changing on the outside

Still a frightened lost little boy lurking on the inside

A lost child in a search for an unavailable mother

A perennial trudging on the perimeters of the cosmos

Always a vagabond on the outside looking in

At all times misplaced, submerged in a vat of lies

Simple insecurities defining the character of his life

Like a mirage in the desert no substance to its vision.


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We're all vagabonds in one

We're all vagabonds in one way or another.  I like your style.

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