The wind horses carry communication of love

Flowing softly on mountain breezes far afield

Aromatic bonfires lit to the deities of desires

My aspirations carried to the ends of the earth

Upon ashes in the night beyond imagination

Beyond the vague lights defining the cosmos

To portals of dimensions beyond our own.


The wind horse carries my aspirations on casual breezes

Streamers bearing memorandums of sanguinity

Their reverberation arriving on the ears of my fellows

Like echoes they resonate quietly through all of humanity

My vision of peace and serenity shared with the world

The intense energy of the wind horse uniquely powerful

My transcendental energy magnified a thousand fold.


Little ideas nudge their way into my consciousness

Hidden treasures uttered before Christ, before Buddha

Residuals of eons of subtle unconscious transference

Instinctive understandings, perceptions from within

Worming their way into the verve of my daily life

Minuscule intuitive offerings from the distant past

Carried to me on sacred wind horses of others.


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