To ClodHoppers, BallCaps, and DuckCalls Of Literary Incompetence

To those addressed in the title, you might find enlightenment in an essay, by Justin Kruger and David Dunning, entitled Unskilled And Unaware Of It:  How Difficulties In Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead To Inflated Self-Assessments in Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, 77 (6) pp. 1121-1134.


You might also refer to a couplet written by A. Chester Stone in defense of his publication of the first transcript of the ancient poems of StarPraiser (which he had discovered in a hitherto unknown grotto near London) in the scholarly journal History Of Londinium And Adjacent Regions, in 1912:


"Only unscholarly, uncouth unread incompetents

exalt their ignorance of literary precedents.'



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