Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; Shortly After "Comrade" Lenin's Death [Repost]

Remember with me how Comrade Lenin laughed---

in a vociferous tone, even melodramatic---

when we learned some comrades tossed, down a mine's shaft,

Elizabeth Romanov, the nun and Orthodox fanatic.

But what does the Party's wisdom say about disturbing dreams?

Are they to be considered a bourgeois aberration?

Sleeping, I have looked upon a vast conflagration---

a leaping and writhing flame, with heat immeasurable

(as if from a star's iridescent core, a full

blast).  From within it I heard the most haunting, horrific screams,

in Comrade Lenin's voice, which is quite unmistakeable.

On that pit's floor, they tell me, she sang hymns until she died:

to this the comrades who tossed her in there testified.



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