@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Zara's Poems, 3, Poem For Zara---His Beauty, Appearance And Style

Millenia ago, forces that some have called impersonal

shaped the terrain around this inlet, finely

pulverized the sand (almost the consistency of a

powder), and filled the shallow basin so that

waves undulate there at the moon's command.

Intrusive and inhibitive interferences of haters

are far behind and beyond you now, as---at the

top of the concrete stairs---you kick off those

questionably fashionable shoes, and leisurely

descend the concrete steps into this place that has

been prepared for your visit.  Sunlight's shafts gather,

seemingly erect, around you as the gentlest of the

lake's breezes plays in the profuse curls of your

long hair, cascading over the ribbed fabric of your

bulky, gray sweater.  The frayed cuffs of your

tan cargos almost, but not quite, conceal your

slender feet, sheathed in semi-sheer gray socks (and

no more confined by an expensive stiffness obtained in

some outlet store in a suburban mall) glide eagerly

over the granulated particles, slightly dampened at the

undrawn line that marks the tidal motion's furthest

reach.  As your footsteps trace a path that has been

long awaited, the Cosmos seems to surge with delight,

fulfilled by the beauty of your appearance and presence,

vivified by the Love that thrives in your immortal soul.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is realistic, based upon some enterprising amateur's photographs, in which Zara appeared, during a morning walk at a resort---a brief vacation to celebrate his nineteenth brithday, the previous week.  His beauty is so incredible as to be hauntingly unique; I have only seen its equivalent one other time.

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