@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Impromptu Poem For Cerulean, My First Beloved, From The Summer Of 1976

You moved through a glow, which I have called that light;

intense by day, it sometimes lingered into each night;

not notably dependent upon the local weather

as long as---and whenever---we were together.

It remains in my memory, a generous expression, not curt;

nor subject to the time constraints---this world's effective bluffs---

measured out for us and proclaimed by calendars and clocks.

It shimmered from your bare torso, revealed by your unbuttoned shirt

and along the path traced by your shoeless footsteps, sheathed in dark blue socks,

their glide half concealed beneath your supple bell-bottoms' tattered cuffs.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cerulean:  beautiful, with that untucked shirt unbuttoned and hanging open; provocatively sensual, fragrant and flavorfull dark blue socks, unshod, beneath the tattered cuffs of faded, bell-bottom jeans.

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