@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Firm Softness Or Soft Firmness?

English vocabulary does not have---at least to my knowledge---

some singular word that designates firm softness or soft firmness.

"Some examples," please, "of what it is like," someone asks.  It is

not like steel girders, unsculpted stones, or corporate employment---

although nothing is inherently wrong with those items; it is

not like old prudes' inhibitions or haters' frenzied prejudices,

although nothing is inherently or finally right with those fooleries.  It is,

rather, like the structure of a succulent peach; or the

welcoming embrace of a visitor come to comfort us; or the

beauty of your feet, sheathed in semisheer blue socks (after

you have removed your shoes with a sigh of relief); or your

aroused tumescence (after you have removed all your clothes

exceot your socks), and the unspoken invitation it presents; that

shapely lavender bulb, blossoming upon its raised, veiny stem

(pulsating in response to your heart's accelerated rhythms), with a

glistening droplet of sweetness (fragrance and flavor explicit) as the

implicit promise of more, in seven surging streaks, to come.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This began as an attempt to describe an intimate moment without resorting to anatomical terms or gutter slang.

I will not apologize for the shameless pun in the final line.

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